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Neverdark is a pausable RTS game which throws Player into a post-apocalyptic real cities like Paris, affected by the Blackout. His task is to build City State, gather population under his rule, manage its needs, from basic like food and space to live to more complicated –  bring back the order, maintaining happiness and defend it from external threats. Player must adapt District after district to different functions, gather resources, use actions provided by the Special Groups etc. to fulfill his goal.


In 2037 there was a global blackout – beginning of the end of the known world. In the first days nobody could predict how serious consequences it could have. Discomfort very fast changes into the fight of surviving and overwhelming fear. Authorities and society disappear without information and ability to provide basic needs.

It’s 2040. 3 years after global blackout. More than 60% of the population dies because of the cold, lack of food and diseases. On the ruins of the old world people try to survive. Some of them gather in small groups trying to challenge anarchy and build a new society but most of them live as wandering bands who only want to survive.

As a player in Neverdark you are an agent of an organization that is trying to rebuild a new society after the blackout. You were sent to one of the important cities to start gathering people under your control and creating a new City State that will end the chaos and anarchy. You get some special resources for a start and have the ability to communicate with organization authorities but mostly you are on your own in your task.

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New York


  • Your main goal is to gather a specific number of Population (50% of the starting city population) in your
 State and build a stable society.
  • Second goal is to find information about the Blackout itself, how it can happen
and who was responsible for this. The second goal is more story connected because Blackout was caused
by organization and now they try to build a new society but also erase any evidence about their connection
to the Blackout. That is why one of the player’s goal is to find information about the Blackout and send them to the
organization authorities. It can also work as a time limit in the game (if too much information can be found by 
others) game immediately ends showing that years after building a new society somebody reveals information
about people who were responsible for the blackout and it starts bloody riots.

Introductory Video

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